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A Better Online Presence Starts Here

Custom web design & web software built just for Local Government

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Local Government Websites


Emergency Notifications


Local Government HR Software

Design a Website With CivicEngage

CivicEngage is an easy-to-use suite of web-based tools that enables local governments to evolve their web presence so they can inform and empower staff and citizens in more efficient ways.

  • Enable your team to create and manage website content independently.
  • Quickly deliver time-sensitive news.
  • Document once, share everywhere.

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Alert Your Residents With CivicReady

CivicReady is an easy-to-use, comprehensive emergency notification system that offers peace of mind – to both local governments and the citizens you’ve pledged to keep safe.

  • Simple enough to send a mass notification to all communication channels in under 13 seconds.
  • Best support and training in the industry, with live, personal, above-and-beyond 24/7 support.
  • The only provider with 20 years of experience serving 2000+ local governments.

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Hire The Right Person With CivicHR

CivicHR is a cloud-based human resource software solution specifically for local government. It streamlines the hiring process, improves engagement, and manages employee data in a centralized, secure system.

  • Get anywhere in 2 clicks – our intuitive design is highly flexible to fit your specific needs.
  • Promote communication between managers and staff.
  • Streamline & standardize HR administration & processes.

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“We provide services via the website less expensively and more expediently, since we partnered with CivicPlus.”

Dave Stroble, Information Services Project Manager



In Case You Need Help

Here are several ways to contact us



Get in touch with us online. We proudly serve over 2,000 local governments including states, municipalities, townships and counties.



We exist for one purpose: to serve and delight CivicPlus clients. Our team will help you find answers, whether through a reference document, email, phone call, or tweet.

I Need Support



Visit us at CivicPlus University, were you can find all the valuable information you need on our products, or submit a ticket for assistance.